Automating Inequality

Britain's Brexit echoes an unravelling of traditional politics all over the western world. We are seeing this in the US with the rise of Trump.  In Britain, as in America, there is one major driver underpinning the populist brand of anti-establishment politics we saw in the referendum. That is Inequality. Wealth across the world has polarised between the haves and have nots. Driven by globalisation and digitalisation, inequality has been increasing year-on-year for decades and is set to get much worse. Many people no longer believe in the trickle-down effect of a strong economy and are now questioning the liberal vision of ever stronger globalisation.

McKinsey recently published an interesting article on automation giving guide to where jobs will be lost to digitalisation.  It's well worth a read...

If you really want to delve into depth on the broader changes impacting our economies and society, I recommend reading the 'The Second Machine Age' by Brynjolfsson and Mcafee.  A well written book with great depth and insight.