Know yourself. Know your team.
…improve capability through assessment.

Knowledge is power.

To improve your ability to grow the top line, there is no better place to start than with your most important asset, the people who will be winning the business.  What is their potential?  How do they compare with the competition? Where are the gaps between their current skills and the future demands of the business? Is there any untapped talent? Are they adaptable?  Can they think strategically?  What are their leadership skills like?

We target the right areas.

Answering these questions and understanding your current capabilities is key for development.  We use proven assessment procedures in different ways: as part of the design process for programmes to ensure they are targeted at the right areas, to give participants feedback on their strengths and development needs during the programme and to support coaching of senior fee earners and sales and marketing professionals.

With the right tools.

Our suite of assessment processes include business simulations and case studies, ability tests, personality questionnaires, role-play exercises, 360 degree feedback, analysis and decision making exercises and interviews.  We tailor our approach to ensure it is appropriate to your business strategy and demands.

Talk to us to find out how you can use assessment as part of your programmes.