Revolution in Marketing?


Social media offer organisations extraordinary opportunities to build relationships and brand affinity with their customers, their people, their intermediaries and the media.  

In developing a social media strategy and presence for your business, the most important aspect to consider is the value your customers will gain.  There are four main ways to add value to your clients:

  1. Connections.  Like you, your clients use social media to get connected to people, organisations and groups.  By focusing on the benefits to your clients, you can help them get connected to peers, potential hires, market influencers and even potential clients. 
  2. Developing knowledge.  By selecting the right media, groups, forums and contacts to connect with, clients can use social media to gain access to a vast source of valuable information to add value to their business and their career.  Are you adding value to your clients in this process or adding more noise?
  3. Developing trust.  Would you buy a large item such as a new computer or a holiday without first checking out reviews from sites and sources that you trust? The same has of course always been true for business services - clients frequently buy on recommendations and referrals from people they trust.  Your social media presence enables your existing and potential clients to connect with your business through channels and people that they trust.
  4. Brand affinity.  Traditionally marketers have pushed information about their brand to their clients.  Social media enables two way interaction that lets customers actively build a relationship with a brand.  By enabling customers to make comments and give feedback, ask questions and connect with your team and other users, they build affinity with your brand while giving you valuable insights into their perceptions of your products and organisation.

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