Benchmarking your customer service

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The approach to gathering high quality feedback from your clients will require a tailored approach depending on the nature of your customers, your services, your industry and where you are located in the world.  

In the professional services industry there are a number of well established methods from which a business can draw on. One organisation may want to listen to its clients by gathering feedback after each major transaction or project.  Another business may conduct annual client reviews.  Another may gather feedback through an online client survey.  Yet another may wish to mystery shop its services.  Some Firms will do all of these things.

Few organisations in the professional services sector, however, benchmark their customer service externally, either against their peers or the best companies in the world.  Yet it can be surprisingly easy and cost effective to do so, providing the business with benchmarks that can enable it to drive improvement relative to the marketplace.  

Grow the Top Line has a wealth of experience in helping organisations to improve their customer service. If you would like to learn more about how to benchmark your customer service or make improvement in other respects, do get in touch.

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