"The revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe.
You have to make it fall".  

The above is one of Che Guevara's most famous quotes.  It could be applied to Social Media.  

Social media is effecting a revolution in marketing.  It offers businesses enormous opportunities to build sales, relationships and brand affinity with their customers, their people, their intermediaries and the media.  But the opportunities need to be grasped by designing and executing a clear strategy.

Social media also present significant risks.  Identifying and managing the risks of your people using social media is a vital strategic concern.  Every business now needs a social media policy to guide employees and protect the organisation.  We believe firms should also be training their people on how to use social media effectively to build new business in accordance with their policy.  

If you would like to develop or enhance your business' use of social media, we can help with advice and development in:

  • Defining and prioritising your target market and contacts
  • Selecting the right social media to fit your market, your strategy, your resources and your brand
  • Using your chosen media to build knowledge, trust, brand affinity and connections with your clients, your people, key influencers and media
  • Managing your organisation's corporate presence and your team members' individual presence
  • Training your people to effectively and safely use social media to network, generate leads and build client relationships.