Skills. Confidence. Determination.
...developing your sales people.


When it comes to people, there is no set formula to make a great sales person.  What works for one person may not work for another.  What's more, the methods used for selling one industry and product area will need to be adapted when selling to another.

Our aim is to equip our clients' people with market leading technical skills and help them find a style that works for them in their business context.  We aim to ensure that they go to market with the skills, confidence and focus to effectively sell.

The Sales Cycle.

The technical components of your program will be tailored to your needs.  Components may include: 

  • Setting objectives, defining your target market and prioritising your contacts
  • Building and managing your pipeline of opportunities
  • Making sales calls, networking and using social media
  • Cross-selling across product lines, geographic areas and functional departments 
  • Listening and identifying your client's needs
  • Identifying the different roles and personalities within the client's decision-making unit
  • Unearthing the client's perception of your product and your competitors' products 
  • Defining and selling your value proposition  
  • Setting and negotiating the right price
  • Dealing with concerns and closing the sale.