Naturally we tailor our approach to
Client Relationship Management.

Bespoke solutions.

Whether you are the owner of a coffee bar greeting your customers each morning or a multinational business managing its global accounts,  building client relationships is the lifeblood of your business.

We recognise that client relationship management requires different approaches depending on the nature of your clients, your services, your industry and where you are located in the world.  Take client feedback for example.  One organisation may want to listen to its clients by gathering informal feedback after each transaction, another may wish to use an online client survey, another may want to conduct detailed client interviews, yet another may wish to mystery shop its services.  So we tailor our solutions to suit the needs of each of our clients.

Strategic advice, training and execution.

We help businesses in all aspects of designing and executing a successful client relationship management approach, to include:

  • Setting your client management strategy, objectives and metrics
  • Defining which client segments you should be targeting and how
  • Setting criteria for and selecting the right clients
  • Selecting relationship managers, forming and training client teams
  • Collecting and acting on client feedback
  • Developing and delivering account plans
  • Making improvements in client service by enhancing the client experience
  • Effectively using CRM technology.